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Fix pain and stiffness for good

Find pleasure in moving your body again

Get back to the fun stuff you used to do easily

Remember the days when you could take your body for granted? The days when your body just worked without having to think about it?

You didn’t get regular pain and stiffness. You didn’t feel tentative doing the things you wanted to do. Those were the days!

Too many people fear that those days are behind them for good. They are not.

I’m Michael Cann, a movement teacher and Feldenkrais Practitioner. If you haven’t lost hope for a better experience, I am here to help.

Do These Sound Familiar?

►  You have bad posture or movement habits. You try to correct them, but when life gets busy you find yourself back in old habits.

►  You manage your discomfort with occasional treatments and a bit of stretching. Maybe even some medication. You’re becoming more and more dependent on short-term fixes just to stay comfortable.

►  You used to do lots of fun things – gardening, bushwalking, sword fighting – you name it. Now you are struggling to connect with the activities and people you love because you can’t keep up, because you are avoiding pain, or because you are afraid of injury.

►  When you were a kid, you used to be active and playful. Now, as much as you want to enjoy moving, it feels like hard work.

My approach works for:

✔ People who have suffered injuries, including brain injuries

✔ People who experience recurrent minor injuries from sport or other activities

✔ People experiencing the effects of ageing

✔ People with chronic diseases

✔ People recovering from surgery

✔ Men and women

✔ Adults of all ages

You will enjoy it if you:

✔ Are interested in your body and your brain

✔ Are curious about what you can do to improve your quality of life irrespective of medical diagnoses

✔ Enjoy having new experiences

✔ Love learning new things

✔ Want not only to relieve your physical symptoms, but also to improve your emotional and cognitive outlook

✔ Value independence and autonomy


Dear Michael,

I could never have imagined the extraordinary, life changing experience that I have felt since discovering Feldenkrais. I came to you after struggling with long term back, feet, knee and shoulder pain and injury. I had received care from sports physicians, physiotherapists, osteopaths, myotherapists and masseurs and had plasma and cortisone injections. None of these highly skilled practitioners had the capacity to truly address my entire system as a whole and recognise that everything was connected. The flicker of hope that Feldenkrais may be able to do just that, has become a roaring fire and I find myself moving with ease and awareness towards not simply a recovered body, but a fully integrated system.

I can not thank you enough for leading the way to a new beginning.

Rebecca Speed

A Movement Teacher? Really?

Seeing a movement teacher to solve pain problems might seem like a strange choice.

We tend to think of pain as something to get rid of. Like dust on a car, we just want to wipe it away to leave us feeling shiny and new.

But pain is not like dust. It is like rust. It is not additional to your experience – it is an intrinsic part of it. There’s only so long you can use short-term solutions to wipe it away. You have to change the conditions in which it emerges, or it will soon be back, worse than before.

Improving the way you move reduces mechanical stresses on your joints and soft tissues.

But it does more than that too. By changing the way you move, you interrupt the neurological patterns of pain sensation. You literally begin to sense your body differently. New pathways open onto new experiences, and the pattern of pain is systematically broken.

Over 20 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am now in my mid 60’s. I have tried to keep active with work and am now in active retirement with 10 grandchildren. I have practiced pilates, swam, hiked and biked when I’ve been able.

More recently though I had been finding it harder-going with symptoms increasing and with more frequent bouts of fatigue. My daily life was becoming more difficult and I was becoming more disheartened. In my desperation I began searching for something that could offer relief that I hadn’t tried. I am loathe to rely on medication, but I was nonetheless dipping into more Panadol and Nurofen and was looking for something even stronger.

My husband, a GP, mentioned Feldenkrais, so I started a Google search for more information. I was ready to give anything reasonable a try.

I went to see Michael, and also began to work with some audio recordings. After six visits, I am very pleased to report that my pain and fatigue have dramatically reduced. Initially the benefits did not last past the day of the session, but I have experienced an accumulated benefit over time as my brain and body have made new connections. I am now feeling sustained benefit. I am walking and moving noticeably differently.

I highly recommend Feldenkrais in general and Michael in particular to anyone. I have found the combination of home practice and one-on-one sessions very helpful.

Jill Friebel